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The Olympic Committee, the NESA and the Qazaq Cybersport Federation signed a memorandum to support eSports in Kazakhstan

The Olympic Committee, the NESA and the Qazaq Cybersport Federation signed a memorandum to support eSports in Kazakhstan

General Secretary of National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan A. A. Kryukov, President of UJL National Association for student e-sports, A. E. Nurpeyissov and Vice-President of Qazaq Cyber sport Federation E. A. Bogatyryev signed Memorandum of cooperation in the field of student e-sports in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main goals of cooperation between the parties are to support and develop student e-sports in Kazakhstan as part of the international sports movement, promote sports and information culture among students, establish and fasten relations with domestic and foreign universities, and implement joint projects in e-sports sphere.

Within the framework of 2020-2021 cooperation, the partners have identified the creation and development of Kazakhstan E-sports Student League (Kazakhstan League for student e-sports) as their priority task. Creating the League is a big step in e-sports growth in Kazakhstan that will not just give a system-forming impetus to the evolution of e-sports community in Kazakhstan but also open up many young talents. The project goal will be to organize and conduct tournaments in e-sports disciplines among university students, to help promote student e-sports and enlarge its types.

Student E-sports League will be held on a permanent basis and will consist of four seasons.

The first season starts in October 2020. Teams of seven member universities under National Association for student e-sports will attend it: Astana IT University, AUES, IITU, KBTU, KazNU, Satbayev University and UIB. The prize fund of the first season will be 1,000,000 tenge.

Entry to the National Association for student e-sports for universities will be open from tournament’s second season.

Олимпийский комитет, NESA и Qazaq Cybersport Federation подписали меморандум о поддержке киберспорта в Казахстане

UJL National E-sports Student Association was established on the initiative of “Halyk” Charitable Foundation, together with National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Nursultan Nazarbayev Education Foundation, with Qazaq Cyber sport Federation’s support.

The initiative of the project participants, National E-sports Student Association, which unites the largest and most prestigious universities in the country, is aimed at increasing the interest of the student audience in Olympic Games and sports in general, promoting Olympic values among students and creating conditions for sports culture popularization.

Qazaq Cyber sport Federation, accredited by Culture and Sports Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, will ensure a high level of tournament organization and open the way for student teams to the world of big e-sports.

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Assel Abdrakhmanova +7 701 999 31 37

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