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The Polytech will be the best place in Almaty: Satbayev University’s administration presented a new development program to the team

The Polytech will be the best place in Almaty: Satbayev University’s administration presented a new development program to the team

Polytech begins the process of automation and digitization of operating processes, laying the basis for becoming the cultural center of the city of Almaty and the leader of the innovative process of the country. This was announced by the university’s administration at a staff meeting, within the framework of which the results of the academic year were summed up and the development program of Satbayev University for the next 5 years was presented.

Future development will be based on the transformation of funding processes, the simplification of interdepartmental communication, and the automation and digitization of university management. Regional academic leadership and the transformation of the oldest university into an innovative hub is not possible without the formation of a high-quality infrastructure of education and innovation, therefore, creating a creative and comfortable atmosphere at the university is one of the central issues of Satbayev University's first year new development program.

The university’s facilities will be gradually upgraded. The architectural concept of the whole infrastructure will be radically revised, which will allow to properly «inscribe» the campus of the university in the city landscape, transforming university and adjoining territory of the district that will allow Satbayev University to become a cultural center of attraction for the inhabitants of the city.

Another important issue is the provision of dormitories for students. To address this problem, three new 290-bed dormitories are planned and another project for a new dormitory is under development.

In the basis of improvement of academic and scientific component of the work of the university there will be a trilateral spiral «state-science-business». The education system will be harmonized with the country’s industrialization map and the education and science development programme. For this purpose, the university is constantly reviewing the university’s system of educational programmes. By 2023, on the instructions of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Askhat Aymagambetov, the first innovative educational programmes will be developed on the basis of the needs of the economy of the Republic.

In the budget, it is planned to revise the system of remuneration of teaching staff and employees in accordance with functional responsibilities, in order to increase wages. A great deal of attention will be paid to the process of international cooperation, the university plans to increase the involvement of the world’s most sought-after scientists, and work will be done to expand the two-degree programmes.

All these activities will be implemented in the spirit of the program «Rukhani Zhagyru» as steps aimed at creating a comfortable, caring environment for teachers and protection of the future of our youth, which depends, first of all, on the level of education and skills taught in higher schools.

The University is entering a new era of its development and thanks to those employees who contributed to the creation of the new development programme, especially the University Rectors Council, in particular Abdigappar Ashimovich Ashimov, Bayan Rakishevich Rakishev and Ulykpan Yesilkhanovich Sydykov.

At the end of the meeting, the Rector emphasized that the university has set ambitious targets and their implementation depends on each employee of Satbayev University.

- And we have everything to become a successful university, a happy university, - reclaimed Meiram Begentaev - and I wish us the success in our work!

The meeting was addressed by Vice-Rector for Corporate Development Yerzhan Kuldeyev, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Bakhyt Zhautikov and Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation Alibek Shokparov. The Rector Meiram Begentaev chaired.

Руководство Satbayev University представило коллективу новую программу развития

Руководство Satbayev University представило коллективу новую программу развитияРуководство Satbayev University представило коллективу новую программу развития

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