Automation and Robotization

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Group of educational programs UNT subjects
B063 Electrical engineering and automation Math - Physics
1 111 380 KZT / 1 year
Cost for
legal entities
1 416 000 KZT / 1 year
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An innovational educational program created in accordance with the trends and challenges of Revolution 4.0 in the areas of automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and automated control.

The program includes a decent amount of mathematical, natural and scientific, and language courses. New core courses are introduced, which can be divided into three groups: automation, robotics, and applying artificial intelligence

You will be learning cutting-edge courses:

  • Foundations of automation of technological preparation of robotized production;
  • Automation and control in technical and robotized systems;
  • Fundamentals of CAD robotized production;
  • Intelligent systems of technological processes control;
  • Methods of artificial intelligence in controlling and diagnosis of production systems;
  • Robotization of production processes;
  • Basics of building MES - systems;
  • Technical instrumentation and methods for information protection;
  • Hardware protection and security of information;
  • Installation, repair and adjustment of electrical systems.

In case of successful completion of all the requirements of this program, you will be awarded an academic degree of Bachelor of Engineering and Technology in the field of Automation and Robotics.

You will learn:

  • modern automated process control systems and robotic technological complexes;
  • modern approaches to the use of software for comparative analysis and evaluation of automation systems and robotization, including using artificial intelligence methods;
  • methods for constructing functional diagrams of automated process control systems and robotic systems in various industries.

You will be able to:

  • conduct a comparative analysis and evaluation of automation and robotization systems using modern software products and mathematical models;
  • use modern algorithmic and software for the synthesis of automation systems and robotization;
  • carry out installation and adjustment of technical equipment of automation and robotization systems.

During the course of study, students should complete an internship at one of the companies and industrial sites: Verbulak, Siemens-Kazakhstan, ASCS-Honeywell, NAT Kazakhstan, Kazatomprom, Kazzinc, Kazphosphate MU, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating, etc.

Graduates of this program are employed as engineers of the production units for the operation, maintenance, repair and adjustment of technical equipment of automated control systems and robotic technological complexes in various industries.