Geospatial Digital Engineering

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Group of educational programs UNT subjects
B074 Urban planning, construction works and civil engineering Math - Physics
1 111 380 KZT / 1 year
Cost for
legal entities
1 416 000 KZT / 1 year
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Training of cartographers and land surveyors for information support of town-building plans, programs, projects, work at industrial enterprises, as well as specialists in the field of information about natural and economic situation of land, location, intended use, cadastral value, size and boundaries of land plots. The program is accredited based on IAAR (Kazakhstan).

One of the most promising specialties in the industry, which is moving to a new technology level that require high efficiency and exceptional data accuracy. It includes determination of objects’ location and their management in space and time, creation of modern geodesic support technologies, digital maps of various purposes and scale.

In the first two courses, students gain a general for all basic education on mathematical analysis, algorithms theory and master the disciplines on introduction to specialties. In the future, they choose a major and begin to study a specialty that will be recorded in their diploma. It empowers to gain a strong base, which in the future will allow mastering new technologies, as well as getting a basic education in related specialties.

For specialization, you can choose one of the following learning pathways:

1. Geodesy and cartography - creation of modern geodesic software, digital maps for various purposes and scale, work in the field of satellite navigation, digital mapping and remote sensing of the Earth, aerospace technology.

2. Land management - land surveyors are engaged in drafting of land management, land reclamation, monitoring and inventory of land; conduct geodetic surveys using the latest high-precision instruments and computer technology.

3. Cadaster - area of ​​information about natural and economic situation of RK lands, location, intended use, size and boundaries of land plots, their qualitative characteristics, accounting for land use and cadastral value of land plots.

You will get skills in working with geodetic instruments, conducting topographic and geodetic surveys, office processing of topographic and geodetic data in AutoCAD and CREDO programs, processing information obtained through aerial photography and remote sensing of the Earth, bringing the project to life according to project geometric data, creating cartographic works due to professional GIS-programs ArcGIS, MapINFO, QGis, at the same time, you will master digital photogrammetry basics.

By the end of 1st year of study, students undergo an educational and geodetic practice on the university territory. After 2nd and 3rd year of study, they learn manufacturing practice basics. In the final year - pre-diploma practice. Students undergo practical training in Land Cadaster and Real Estate Department in Almaty, in companies such as “GeoAlidada”, “GeoStroyInvest”, Institute of Geography, “Geo-kom Inform”, “Tin One Mining”, “Geotronics”, “KazGeoCompany” and “Topoplan-3D.” All classes on modern geodetic instruments are held in “LeicoGeoSystems” (Kazakhstan) company’s subsidiary.

The department collaborates with China Mining and Technology University, Michigan Technical University (USA), St. Petersburg Mining University, Institute for Problems of Mineral Resources’ Integrated Exploitation of Russian Academy of Sciences (RF), etc. Students can participate in ERAZMUS + academic exchange program.

Graduates of the program are in demand as a cartographer, geodesist, topographer, photogrammetric specialist, land use control and protection engineer, land relations specialist, land surveyor engineer, cadastral engineer. They also work in land management agencies, design institutes, municipal utilities of cities, construction companies, oil and gas industry, Agency for Land Management of RK, Complex Survey Department, State Research and Production Center for Land Resources and Land Management of Kazakhstan, its subsidiaries, district and city cadastral branches and departments for various enterprises’ lands assessment.