Industrial engineering

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Group of educational programs UNT subjects
B064 Mechanics and metalworking Math - Physics
1 004 700 KZT / 1 year
Cost for
legal entities
1 276 800 KZT / 1 year
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    1. Before applying, select your favorite educational program at Satbayev University, corresponding to the relevant subjects in which you passed UNT.

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    3. Indicate the group code and code of Satbayev University (Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K.I. Satpayev) in the application for a grant: 029.

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The program is aimed at training specialists in the field of industrial engineering who are able to find solutions to engineering problems through integrated application of scientific and engineering principles. The given program was designed in accordance with the curricula of the best research and engineering universities in the USA, such as Stanford University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Pennsylvania State University and Nazarbayev University. Special attention is paid to physical principles underlying modern engineering design. Engineering design, communication, teamwork and laboratory experience are integrated throughout the curriculum.

Students gain a fundamental basic education in mathematics, physics, mechanics, chemistry, information and digital technologies (programming, MATLAB, numerical methods and solving engineering problems).

In advanced courses, students study in-depth special courses in industrial engineering (additive technologies, CAD / CAM / CAE / PLM / PDM) and acquire skills in modeling and researching various mechanical processes and phenomena, designing production and industrial systems, building machines, operating modern technology, controlled using computers, including additive technologies. Primary attention is given to skills related to elaborating computer 3D-models of various processes and modern information technologies.

At all levels of training, highly qualified teaching staff is involved, among them many are graduates from universities in the USA, Europe, China and other countries.

Students can take advantage of embedded specialties in one of two secondary industrial engineering areas, such as Additive technology and materials processing; Engineering.

Alternatively, students can form their own field of specialization using elective disciplines laid down in the program.

From 1st year students begin to work with advanced research and elaborate projects. Disciplines are designed in such a way that students begin to feel and think like engineers from the very first days. Basic theory courses are balanced with lessons and projects that make students to think critically and creatively.

You will learn how to make technological routes for manufacturing parts and designing technological operations, developing and implementing control programs, elaborating and using design documentation for designing parts manufacturing processes.

Graduates receive “Bachelor of Engineering and Technology” academic degree and work in various industrial enterprises, in space, oil and gas, mining, as well as in medical and printing institutions, large foreign and domestic companies such as “ALPROF”, “Belkamit”, “Steelmaster”, “NAC "Kazatomprom”, “Imstalcon”, “Kazzinc”, “Kentau Transformer Plant”, “Kirov Machine-Building Plant Kirov”, “Almaty fan factory”,  “Master Warehouse”, “Tengizstroyservis Group”, “BELCAMIT” and other companies as well.