Technological machines and equipment

Training of specialists in the device of various technological machines and installations, the principle of their operation, rational operation, maintenance and repair. The training is carried out according to three study trajectories:

  • Mining machinery and equipment
  • Metallurgical machinery and equipment
  • Oil-gas machinery and equipment.

Students, receiving general training within the framework of basic disciplines, such as mathematics, physics, further they focus on working with the applied equipment in their chosen industry. You will be able to design equipment, provide installation, commissioning, operation and repair of industrial equipment, develop drawings of machine parts, monitor the flow of technological processes in which the equipment is involved, and evaluate the result.

Mining machinery and equipment

Specialists in mining equipment are involved in mining enterprises and can successfully work in companies where conveyor, pipeline, road and railway transport, compressor, fan, pumping and lifting installations are used.

Metallurgical machinery and equipment

Specialists in metal equipment ensure reliable operation of the equipment in difficult operating conditions. They are engaged in designing, problems of upgrading the metallurgical machines design, installation and repair as well as equipment operation.

Oil and gas machinery and equipment

The oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan cannot do without specialists in technological equipment and machines. They are necessary at all stages of the production process from drilling wells, production, collection and preparation of oil-gas to supplying them to a specific consumer.

Graduates work at industrial enterprises and plants of the mining, oil-gas and metallurgical industries, in industry and educational laboratories as well.