Information Security

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Group of educational programs UNT subjects
B058 Information Security Mathematics - Computer Science
1 111 380 KZT / 1 year
Cost for
legal entities
1 416 000 KZT / 1 year
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This program aims at teaching in the field of information security, software and hardware protection tools, cryptographic information protection, security systems and networks. The program of Information security consists of three areas: Systems and Networks Security, Cryptographic Information Security, and Technical Information Security.

Students will learn a range of disciplines to help develop a set of skills and competencies pertinent to the subject area. While studying in this program, students will be exposed to a wide range of modern programming languages such as Python, Java, C ++, as well as will master foundations and advanced topics of database management systems Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL. Special attention is given to the foundations of information security, digital circuitry, architecture of computing systems, cryptography basics, cloud technologies, etc.

You will also learn foundations of neural networks, designing secure web applications and information protection systems, tools for counterstanding to intelligence and information and objects security. You will gain knowledge in the field of information security, design, development and deployment of systems and means for information protection, design and implementation of cryptographic algorithms for information protection in computer systems and networks, implementation of information protection systems in information and communication systems in accordance with international standards, development and implementation of policies and information security management systems, administration of various operating systems from information security point of view, understanding protection of network architectures.

During the course of studying under the Program of Information security, students will have a chance to take licensed courses from Cisco, which are designed to grow necessary expert skills in this area.

The institute has a branch of the Cisco Regional Networking Academy, where information and networking technologies courses are held, as well as the Research Laboratory of Biometric Information Security Methods and Kaspersky Lab, the world leader in information security. In addition, while teaching we use software products from well-known companies that are leaders in the field of information security: Positive Technologes, SearchInform, Falkongaze, etc.

The program has a required internship, which can be held in a range of different organizations such as banks in Kazakhstan, Pacifica, Galactica, K-cell, NITEC, Halyk Kazteleport, ASKB Alatau, National Testing Center, RSE State Technical Service. Within academic mobility, the best students can opt for studying at one of the leading international universities.

Graduates of the program receive a bachelor’s degree and work in economic security services, sensitive and security departments, information security services, which use technical means of processing, storing and transmitting confidential information, including government agencies, the Ministry of Interior, customs, and tax authorities, medical institutions, banks, telecommunications. The graduates are also qualified to continue their academic endeavors on master’s programs in the field of information security.

The qualification obtained opens the door for our graduates to take up such positions as information security specialist, information security analyst, information security laboratory researcher, IT project manager, database and site administrator, system administrator, Java programmer, Python, C#, PHP, etc. Information security professionals are always of high demand within government and commercial entities. The geography of our program’s employment is very wide: our graduates are currently employed in such counties as Kazakhstan, Russia, India, Canada, and Cuba.