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Студенты Satbayev University

Student life at Satbayev University has always been very rich. Satbayev University offers students all the opportunities for professional growth, self-realization in social activities, creativity and sports.

University students cannot just participate in events, but also become organizers of city, national and international scale events! That is why the student years at Satbayev University are a time of discovery, new knowledge and acquaintances, bright emotions and finding a strong friendship for many, many years.

Student communities

Numerous public, scientific, creative and sports associations, clubs and collectives, bright student holidays, informative forums and conferences are waiting for Satbayev University students. Every year in September, a “Student organizations’ fair" is held, during which everyone can open and present their community or join the community that they liked.


Student Dean's Office is the highest body of student and youth self-government of the university. The main goal is to ensure the rights of students, create conditions for young people, reveal their creative potential, implement student initiatives, as well as develop student and youth self–government at the university.

Student Council of dormitories is a student organization responsible for organizing the life and leisure of students who live in dormitories. Presidents of student councils help students adapt to new conditions, hold student events.

Youth Affairs Committee is a student organization whose members promote national values by organizing the events such as "Bauyrsak Day", "Korissu", as well as meetings with famous people. The team actively promotes sports and conducts image events.

instagram @kdm_su

ENACTUS Satbayev University is a community of business leaders who see business as a way to solve social issues. Enactus students implement socio-economic projects that allow people to improve their lives. Teachers and business partners of Enactus guide students and become mentors of teams. Students present their projects in annual competitions, which are evaluated by business leaders.


SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) is a non-profit association of oil and gas industry professionals. It unites more than 158 thousand members from 143 countries of the world, who are in 200 professional and 379 student departments. SPE at Satbayev University, the largest department in Kazakhstan and one of the leading communities in Russia and Caspian region, which includes more than 1,000 students, holds special events aimed at improving the students' knowledge in oil-gas field and general broadening of horizons, opening the English language and eloquence, public speaking clubs, debates, "oil" games for students, intellectual competitions etc. Caspian Petro Congress is held annually by the community on the basis of Satbayev University, the given Congress unites leading specialists in the oil-gas sector and promising students as well.

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Satbayev Scout Club is a division of Great Steppe Scouts youth movement at Satbayev University. This is a scout club that gives students access to the largest youth movement in the world, which consists of 74,000,000 people in 174 countries. Satbayev Scout Club members get the opportunity to develop their physical, spiritual and personal potential, engage in social projects, take part in various trainings and master classes, travel both in Kazakhstan and abroad.

Contact phone number +7 747 811 49 87.

instagram @Satbayev.scouts

Debate clubs. Debates are an intellectual game, which is a special form of discussion that is conducted according to certain rules. Debates develop logical and critical thinking, develop skills of communicative culture and public speaking, prepare for independent decision-making, contribute to the formation of personalities as future leaders of society. Today, two debate clubs are active at Satbayev University: Intellectual Debate Club «Technokrat» (Kazakh league) and Intellectual Debate Club «Satbayev» (Russian league). Every year our students conduct a republican debate tournament for Satbayev University Rector's Cup and participate in various city and republican tournaments, in which they traditionally win, thereby protecting the honor of the university.

instagram @technokrat_idc

instagram @satpaev_debates

KVN (Russian League) and Zhaydarman (Kazakh League). A humorous game during of which the teams compete in humorous answers to questions asked, improvisations on given topics, acting out pre-prepared scenes and performances, etc. Since 2012, Satbayev University has held an annual contest among institutes for Champions Cup. The winners of the given competition represent the university in national and international leagues, such as "BAS LIGA", "Zhaydarman", the highest KVN league, etc.

instagram @kvn__su

«Satbayev Hunters»
The organization’s mission is to agitate among entrants in order to attract them to Satbayev University, organize excursions and events for future entrants and first-year students. We can say that this is the face of Satbayev University.

instagram @satbayevhunterz

Satbayev Time is a student project that is engaged in educating the university students related to student life, spreading important information on various events, both beyond and outside the university with the purpose to gather a large audience of students, for communication in social networks of Satbayev University’s entrants and graduates as well.

instagram @satbayevtime


Center for Creativity coordinates the work of university circles and ensures the holding of events that are conducted at the university and outside it. The center has an orchestra of folk instruments, a vocal and choral circle, a choreographic ensemble, a vocal and instrumental ensemble, a club of cheerful and resourceful "Zhaydarman", Stand-Up, which are led by the experienced leaders: Honored Workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Laureates of international and republican competitions, Champions of republican games, etc.

You can get the full information on Center’s work at @creativity_center Instagram page

Satbayev University Sports Club has always been one of the centers of the republic's sports life, producing such famous athletes as world champion in classical wrestling Vladimir Bakulin, Everest conqueror Kazbek Valiyev, tennis player Yegor Shaldunov. The sports club has sections on basketball, mas-wrestling, fitness, volleyball, freestyle wrestling, football, chess. In addition, Satbayev University Sports Club organizes contests as part of Presidential tests. Sports Club is located in MMB, office 11.

instagram @sport_for_student

Sections of the sports club

Contact phone number: 8 (727) 3204447.

instagram @Sport_for_student

Volleyball, head: Zhuparkhan Zhambyl.
Basketball, head: Alexander Putintsev.
Togyzkumalak, head: Gashev Yermek Urazaliyevich.
Chess, head: Nigmetov Alibek Zhardenovic.
Arm wrestling, head: Tleuberdin Amangeldy Toishybekovich.
Football head: Omarov Artik Saidullayevich.
Mas-wrestling leaders: Fitissov Pavel Victorovich, Almish Sanjaru Ardakulu.
Fitness, head: Victoria Anatoliyevna Laktionova.
Table tennis, head: Oleg Nikitovich Tereshchenko.

ACM ICPC Sports programming club

The International Collegiate Programming Contest — International student programming Olympiad, also called ICPC Student team world programming championship. The largest and most respected programming Olympiad in the world. ACM ICPC club trains students to participate in this Olympiad and for future work in the field of Computer Science.

Contact phone number: 8 (727) 3204192.

Senior officials:

Kairbekov Abylai Muratovich,
Kunikeyev Aidyn Dauletovich,
Orazov Baurzhan,
Ryskulbek Yersultan,


Instrument technician

Training club for electronics and microcontroller programming.

Supervisor: E. A. Aimaganbetov,

Make a robot yourself

Robotics training club.

Head: Bayanbai N. A.

The future of automation

Club of scientific presentations, oratory and self-presentation, work in a scientific team.

Head: Lukmanova Zh. S.,

English Zone

Event club in English. It holds a traditional English week.

Head: A. O Turlybekova,

In principio erat verbum

Literary club for creative engineers.

Head: Tankiyeva N.Sh.,

instagram @SU_qaz_ru_kafedrasy

The Fake

Vocal and instrumental ensemble.

Head: Zhambyl Kulessov. Contact phone number: +77025956923

instagram @thefakegroup

Folk instruments orchestra

Senior officials:

Zhanas Bekenturov, honorary Professor of the Kazakh national Conservatory, honored worker of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Contact phone number: +77014021955

Gulbakhyt Senbiyeva, honored worker of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Contact phone numbers: +77772089119, +77072089119

instagram @scc_su

Lectures on "General Geology" discipline in schools-lyceums of Almaty

Teacher: Alma Bekbotayeva, Contact phone number: 8 (727) 2920097.

Career Guidance and Employment

Производство АО "НАК "Казатомпром"

The program of professional orientation at Satbayev University begins from the moment the student enters the university in the form of numerous competitions, production practices, et cetera. The university has 460 agreements with partner companies, 65 of them with subsequent employment.

In the first 3 months after graduation 55% of graduates are employed, 90% are employed in the first 6 months, and 88% of graduates are employed in those enterprises where the production practice was conducted.

At the university, there are many programs aimed at the vocational guidance of students and the formation of their survival skills in the world of business and production. So, the student community Be Smart in Business has become a platform for meetings of students with high potential, with leading employers. This helps students to prepare for work and get practical experience, and companies - to find the best employees.

In 2017, the University launched the "Success Laboratory" project, designed to give students the skills to find work and communicate with employers. The project is a series of online master classes from leading market professionals on CVs, etiquette norms, interview behavior and the development of other necessary skills.

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