Historical overview

Satbayev University — is one of the oldest and most prestigious technical universities in Kazakhstan, known for its developments in the field of mining and oil. For more than 80 years, the university has remained synonymous with technological progress and leadership in Kazakhstan.

  • история Satbayev University

    was founded as
    the Kazakh Mining
    and Metallurgical Institute.

  • история Satbayev University

    was renamed to

  • история Satbayev University

    The ensemble
    was organized at the
    Faculty of Automation
    and Computer Engineering.

  • история Satbayev University

    was awarded
    the Order of the
    Red Banner of Labor.

  • история Satbayev University

    For special merits
    in the training of engineering
    and technical personnel
    the university was
    assigned the name of
    Kanysh Satbayev.

  • история Satbayev University

    The university
    was renamed to
    Satbayev University.

  • история Satbayev University

    The best technical university of RK according to the IQAA rating.

How to contact us?

Press office


Madina Balgabaeva

телофон +7 (727) 292 6420 телофон +7 (702) 209 5712

почта m.balgabayeva@satbayev.university

PR manager

Akmaral Beisebayeva

телофон +7 (707) 385 0771

почта a.beisebayeva@satbayev.university

How to find us?

The Public Relations Center is located in Almaty, Satbayev street 22A, Oil Corps, 5th floor, room 502.

At the passage of the Oil Corps, please contact the security service and call the department on the internal phone 7052.

карта Satbayev University
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