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How can the students receive a payment of 42500 tenge

How can the students receive a payment of 42500 tenge

Minister of  Labor Birzhan Nurymbetov informed the rules for students to receive a social allowance and to expand.  the payout mechanism. He noted that payout procedure and its terms for students are the same as for the rest of citizens of Kazakhstan. 

“Students are citizens of full legal age in our country. According to Labor Code, individuals can start working from the age of 16. Therefore, for you, students, the same procedure as for everyone. You were paid social charges, or you have now paid a single aggregate payment as informally busy; it means you already have a legal right. Based on it, you can apply for the given social allowance. Regardless of the fact that you have a scholarship or not, we will not consider it,” said the Minister of Labor at the briefing.

Who will receive the given social allowance?

The social allowance is due to citizens who have lost income because-of the emergency state. It is not a one-time but a monthly payout for the emergency period. If students have been working, deducting pension and social contributions, then they can receive the given allowance. If students worked under a civil law contract, they are empowered to get the social benefit as well. If students worked informally and did not deduct anything, then they can apply for the allowance through SAP format.

How to apply for the payout?

1. Choose the channel for applying for the payout. This is egov.kz, This is egov.kz, where there is a button "Payout 42,500 as part of the emergency" or the site 42,500.enbek.kz. When  going to any of these channels without EDS (electronic digital signature), without any scanned documents and forms, you can submit an application that will be considered.

2. Further, the citizen will either receive a reply “denied” or “approved” through SMS or  “personal account”  at egov.kz.

3. It is necessary to open a bank account, get an IBAN number and provide the number in response to SMS. If you have questions, phone the call center at 1414. You can also get the information at the site enbek.kz.

In his interview to Tengrinews.kz Vice-minister of labor and social protection of the population, Nariman Mukushev spoke on the social allowance of 42,500-tenge, and he told the ways of applying for the given payout.

Based on Tengrinews.kz materials

Source: tengrinews.kz
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