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Rector’s congratulations on Nauryz Meiramy-2024!

Rector’s congratulations on Nauryz Meiramy-2024!

Dear students! Dear colleagues!

Nauryz Meiramy is a sacred link between the traditions, symbols of harmony and unity of people with the past. This is the time when we gratefully welcome the advent of spring renewal.

This year we’re celebrating the given holiday in all our traditions. Reliance on national culture, family values, independence and patriotism, hard work and professionalism, helps us, the Kazakhstani people, to look at the future with confidence and carry out large-scale transformations.

Congratulations on Spring renewal holiday! I wish you good health, prosperity and success in all your endeavors, may this day fill you with optimism and inspiration, bring a lot of joy from meetings and a good mood!

Happy great day of the nation!

With respect,
Rector of Satbayev University
Meiram Begentayev

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