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Rector's congratulations on the holiday of Oraza Ait!

Rector's congratulations on the holiday of Oraza Ait!

Rector Satbayev University Iskander Beysembetov

Dear colleagues! Dear doctoral students, master's degree students and students!

With all my heart, I congratulate all the Faithful on Oraza Ait holiday!

The holy month of Ramadan symbolizes spiritual renewal and helps people to rethink their lives. Thinking about this era’s spiritual gains, and summing up, we try to keep the ideals of mercy, kindness, stability and harmony in our hearts for the whole year. These high values ​​unite not  only Muslims but also the whole people of Kazakhstan.  

They say that believers are similar to the parts of one building that support one another. Therefore, our university is justifiably proud of its traditions of creating and mutual support. Let them inspire you for  beneficial and maybe great things.

I wish you all the best, peace at home, health, light and joy! Happy holiday!

Rector of Satbayev University
Iskander Beyssembetov

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