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Satbayev University dormitories’ work schedule during quarantine

Satbayev University dormitories’ work schedule during quarantine

Despite the fact that because-of the coronavirus epidemic, most students of Satbayev University left for their hometowns, university dormitories are still continuing their work.

Out of 1845 students, 87 people stayed in dormitories: 49 people in Dormitory # 3, 16 ones in Dormitory # 4, 13 people in Dormitory # 5, and 9 ones in Dormitory # 5 at Ladygina street. 108 people out of 278 stayed in the House of Young Scientists.

Dormitories # 1 and # 2 were released for employees of organizations that are in charge of providing life support to the  population of  Almaty. The students living in the given dormitories moved to Dormitory # 3. The things of the students living in dormitories are packed in separate packages, sealed, signed and placed in the sealed rooms.

Quarantine mode is set on the dormitory's territory in the same way as in the whole city. University employees are disinfecting the dormitories. Halls, household rooms and other ones are processed with chlorine twice a day. Rugs with chlorine are laid down on the thresholds.

It is prohibited to gather together with groups of  more than 3 people, different events in common rooms, visiting other students, and also going out of the campus are banned as well. Those who spend the night outside the dormitories and thus violate the quarantine are no longer allowed in the dormitories.

The students can go for a walk in the courtyard as well as buy food and medicine in the store and pharmacy next to the dormitory buildings. The students' leisure time is mostly spent on self-study in the distance learning framework.

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