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Satbayev University took part in the "Miner's Week-2021"

Satbayev University took part in the "Miner's Week-2021"

Professor of Satbayev University Bayan Rakishev took part in the “Underground and open-pit mining geo-technology” session and delivered a report on “To substantiate the main parameters of Koksay copper mine Kazakhstan”.

29th International Mining Forum "Miner's Week" at NUST MISIS. The event is attended by more than 500 industry experts from Poland, Germany, Australia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Vietnam, and Bulgaria.

“Miner's Week” is the largest annual scientific and practical mining forum in Russia. For more than 25 years, the event has brought together representatives of business, government, scientific and educational communities from all over the world. The forum will present the leading scientific and technical developments, innovations, and research of representatives of mining schools in Russia, Europe, Asia, and Australia, as well as methods and approaches to solving modern problems of the mining industry.

World Mining Congress Chairman, Professor Marek Cala (Poland) noted at the plenary session of the forum:

"Among the main trends in the mining industry that are observed around the world are the transition to low-carbon mining methods, new ways of financing the mining industry, the integration of big data into mining and converting processes, taking into account geopolitical risks and protectionism, modernization of working processes, including robotization and general digitalization of the sphere."

According to the expert, given the population growth, the mining industry is forced to fundamentally expand the development scope – to switch to deep-sea mining and develop mining technologies in space. Alternative methods are Bio-mining and Urban Mining – extracting the minerals from electronic waste and processing of waste ores and waste by bio-leaching and bio-oxidation methods.

In the continuation of the panel discussion, the Director of Mining Institute at NUST MISIS, Alexander Myaskov, raised the “Personnel challenges of the mining industry” topic to discuss the possibilities of universities to contribute to high-level specialists’ training.

Myaskov noted that based on hh.ru and “Your job” portals’ information, the most popular specialists in mining in the coming years will be those who are trained in secondary vocational education institutions, and not at universities.

"The question arises in what form the participation of universities in the training of future personnel for the mining industry is necessary. Are we preparing those who will be in demand at some time? If we mention our applied specialties in mining, here from us there is a certain demand of those who come to us and those whom we graduate," said Myaskov.

The speaker also mentioned such a concept as “Skills mismatch”, when most of the positions around the world are held by people who have skills above or below those required for the job.

According to Myaskov, from an economic point of view, “Skills mismatch” brings significant losses to the GDP of the whole world and specific countries. The speaker stressed the importance of dialogues between universities and business partners at all stages of training specialists, from identifying the work specifics of industry companies to organizing practices and internships.

Alexey Knizhnikov, Head of WWF Russia Business Environmental Responsibility Program, took part in the session as well. In his presentation, he spoke about the interaction of the mining industry and environmental organizations. So, since 2017, there is a Rating of openness of environmental information of mining and metallurgical companies in Russia. Knizhnikov noted that the work on the rating contributes to increasing mutual trust between industry representatives and environmental organizations.

Among other issues, the plenary session discussed the development of world-class international scientific and educational centers (ISEC), the implementation of which is carried out within the framework of the “Science” national project. Alexander Baryakh, Director of Perm Federal Research Center of the Ural Branch of  Russian Academy of Sciences that is a member of Perm regional ISEC "Rational Subsoil Use" noted that the model of achieving a truly international level implies cooperation with research organizations, international technical expertise and the development of a scientific and educational ecosystem that promotes innovative growth. ISEC activities are based on the interaction of government, business, universities, and research organizations.

They are designed to launch a new stage of cooperation in the field of science, innovation, education, and digital economy prosperity, as well as to stimulate the economic development of their "home" regions. A total of 15 such centers are planned to be opened by 2024.

The forum will continue its work until January 29. This year, the format involves online participation. It is possible to connect to any of the seminars and round tables held.



NUST MISIS is one of the most dynamically developing scientific and educational centers in the country. Being among the leaders of technological education in Russia, NUST MISIS is also a full-fledged research center. The university holds leading positions in the world in the subject ratings of THE, QS, and ARWU in 16 areas at once, entering the top 100 in the categories "Engineering-Mining" (QS rating) and " Engineering-Metallurgy "(ARWU rating), in the field of materials science of NUST MISIS in the group of 101+ best universities (QS rating).

The strategic goal of NUST MISIS is to strengthen its leadership in the areas of specialization by 2020: materials science, metallurgy, and mining, as well as significantly strengthen its position in the field of bio -, nanotechnology and IT. University consists of 10 institutes, 6 branches-four in Russia and two abroad. NUST MISIS has more than 20,000 students, 26% of them are students from 84 countries. University has more than 30 research laboratories and 3 world-class engineering centers, which employ leading Russian and foreign scientists. 

NUST MISIS successfully implements joint projects with the largest high-tech companies both in Russia and the world.

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