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Student English Language Olympiad 2019

Student English Language Olympiad 2019

On November 20 and 23, 2019 the English Language Department of Al-Mashani Institute of General Education is organizing the English language Olympiad among the 1-4 year students. 

To participate in the Olympiad, candidates are to submit the application by November 17. The application must include the following information: full name, year of study, specialty, phone number, and e-mail address.

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Venue: Satbayev University, MB(Main building) Room 601/606 .

Round I – November 20, 2019, Round II – November 23, 2019

Contact us: Main Building, English Language Department, Room 604

E-mail: duyseeval@mail.ru, zhanara_84@mail.ru 87013965569, 87011206816


Olympiad procedure

1. Papers are assessed in accordance with the assessment criteria approved by the methodical commission of the Olympiad.

2. Round I of the Olympiad tests the following skills:





4 sections (40 questions)

30 min


3 texts (40 questions)

60 min

Writing an essay

  1. words)

40 min

3. Round II of the Olympiad tests Speaking skills. It consists of 3 parts; duration is 11-14 minutes.

The winner is determined by the results of Round II. Olympiad winners are awarded with certificates and prizes.

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