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SU students are already studying at Princeton, University of Glasgow and other world universities

SU students are already studying at Princeton, University of Glasgow and other world universities

Since September 1, 2022, students of Automation and Information Technology Institute have discovered the opportunity to receive international education and professional certification without leaving home. All this became possible thanks to Coursera for Campus platform, which was implemented at Satbayev University to train students of IT specialties.

— Courses from leading world universities such as Stanford University, MIT, University of Michigan, Princeton University, University of Colorado, University of Minnesota have been selected on Coursera platform, — says Director of IAIT Raissa Uskenbayeva. — In addition to courses from the academic community on the platform, you can take courses for subsequent professional certification from IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, etc.

Students can choose any course from the 5000 presented on the site and study it at their own pace: faster or slower, as you like. For motivated students who are ready to devote a lot of time to study, this opens up great advantages as it opens up the opportunity to get a second specialty without paying additional tuition fees. Students study marketing, business, and time management. The best students received up to 15 additional certificates for six months of study at Coursera.

But the most important thing for IT specialists is the opportunity to get professional certification, availability of which determines how successful their career will be.

"Professional certificates are of particular importance in the IT world," says Aizhan Kassymova, Deputy Director of IAIT. — But they are difficult to get, and Coursera makes it possible to get them both cheaper and faster. For example, our undergraduates have received professional IMB certification, this is an expensive certificate that entitles them to work with IMB programs and equipment immediately after graduation. Moreover, the training is conducted in English – which makes our students even more competitive.

Satbayev University provides an opportunity to improve their qualifications. In addition to students, teachers also study on the platform, 40 of them have improved their qualifications. For six months of work, students, undergraduates, doctoral students and teachers received 1,189 certificates. The most popular subjects were Computer Architecture and Mathematics. Students also studied subjects such as Business, Computer Science and Data Science, gaining unlimited access to practical projects with consultations and thus improving their skills.

The advantages of international distance education platforms such as Coursera cannot be overestimated. Cooperation with Coursera not only increases the training level of our students by studying with leading professors of the world's top universities, but also gives teachers the opportunity to make themselves known on a global level after posting their courses on the platform. All this expands the opportunities and competitiveness of the whole country, integrating it into the international educational space.

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