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We are inviting you to International Internet conference dedicated on current problems of science

We are inviting you to International Internet conference dedicated on current problems of science

On November 22, 2020, Metallurgy and enrichment institute is holding an International scientific and practical Internet conference entitled "Actual problems of science".

The conference is designed to provide a broad exchange of scientific achievements and views on topical issues related to science development. Everyone, who is interested in solving the problems of science applying modern approaches due to state-of-the-art technologies, can take part in the given measure.

Reception of articles for participation and publication has opened. Metallurgy and enrichment institute is a member of the International Association of editors of CrossRef academic publications.  All reports published in Conference Proceedings are assigned CrossRef DOI identifier that allows protecting the intellectual property.


The directions for the conference work:

  1. Technical sciences
  2. Pedagogical sciences
  3. Biological sciences
  4. Physical and mathematical sciences
  5. Medical sciences
  6. Chemical sciences
  7. Historical sciences
  8. Economic sciences
  9. Psychological sciences
  10. Philological sciences
  11. Geographical sciences
  12. Legal science
  13. Philosophical science
  14. Political science
  15. Social sciences
  16. Pharmaceutical sciences
  17. Architecture
  18. Art studies
  19. Agricultural sciences
  20. Military sciences
  21. Earth sciences
  22. Geological and mineralogical sciences
  23. Veterinary sciences
  24. Cultural studies

Conference languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. Deadline for submission of scientific materials: November 15, 2020. Form of holding: electronic format. Registration fee: 5700 tenge per author (for non-residents of Kazakhstan: $15 USD). To apply, you must send the article and a copy of the payment receipt to the e-mail address conference@kims-imio.kz by November 15, 2020. For all questions, please call: 8 (727) 298-45-19.

More information about the conference, requirements for registration of materials

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