Robotics and Mechatronics

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Group of educational programs UNT subjects
B063 Electrical engineering and automation Math - Physics
1 111 380 KZT / 1 year
Cost for
legal entities
1 416 000 KZT / 1 year
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Preparing of specialists in the field of design and construction of robots, robotic and mechatronic systems for industrial and nonproductive purposes.

Students will receive fundamental knowledge in robotics, robotics mechanics, robotic and mechanical systems, electronic devices and details of robotized and mechatronic modules, integral and microprocessor technology in robotics and mechatronics and others.

You will study computer and electro technical components in complex, that formed the basis of innovative systems and machines and will study how to create robots and systems for automate technological processes, including:

  • design robots and robotic systems for both industrial and non-industrial purposes;
  • develop models of machine tools with program control, unmanned vehicles, modern office equipment, robots for industrial, aviation, space and other, household robots, etc.
  • develop software for managing robotic and mechatronic systems;
  • draw up design project documents for the manufacture of parts and electronic circuits of mechatronic systems and robots;
  • develop technological processes for the manufacture, assembly and testing of the designed equipment.

The best students will have the opportunity to study at leading foreign universities under the program of academic mobility.

From the 1st year students begin to work with advanced research and develop projects. Disciplines are designed in such a way that students begin to feel and think like engineers, from day one. Basic theory courses are balanced with lessons and projects that force students to think critically and creatively.

The program provides an educational practice, two production and pre-defined practice, which includes the acquisition of the productive process and technological equipment, the work of concrete technological equipment and automation of basic processes.

Robotics is actively developing industry. Moreover, both theoretical specialists and practiced technicians who can work as a team players are in demand. Whereas before, robotics was mainly used in defense and space industry, nowadays these technologies are widely used in everyday life.

Graduates work at Design Bureau and production companies as engineers, designers, cybernetics, robotics, mechanics and IT-specialists and design and engineer robotechnical systems as well as industrialized, accurate and non-marketable designs.

The main potential employers are the companies KOMEK MACHINERY Kazakhstan, Imstalcon, Almaty Heavy Machine Building Plant, «Machine Building Plant after C.M. Kirova», the plant «Hoffmann Aluminum», KazMedTech, the plant of boiler auxiliary equipment and pipelines, the valve plant «Turkuaz Machinery», «Almatyenergoservis», «Medremzavod» and others.