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Labor market of RK: where to go to study?

Labor market of RK: where to go to study?

Just 10 years ago, the profession of a financier was an excellent choice for applicants. However, computer technology development has led to great competition in this area; so many experts have faced the serious problem of finding a job. Moreover, there is always a demand for highly qualified engineers in the market. The given specialists have referred to highly deficient ones for many years.

For its part, the state is interested in industrialization and digitalization of Kazakhstan. To achieve this, “Digital Kazakhstan” program and “100 Concrete Steps” plan were launched. Therefore, out of more than 53 thousand grants for 2019, over 19 thousand grants have been allocated for technical specialties. The mentioned amount shows that as compared with 2 years ago 11 thousand grants were given more.

What about employment for so many engineers? ANCOR Central Asia recruitment department head Oksana Tkachenko comments the situation in the labor market:

начальник отдела рекрутинговой компании ANCOR Central Asia Оксана Ткаченко“The demand for metallurgists, oilmen, programmers, machine builders demonstrates a smooth growth. It is facilitated by both urbanization of processes and market development as a whole due to foreign players. That is why foreign language knowledge is certainly a competitive advantage, and this tendency will be continuing in the near future.

At the same time, industry luminaries who have extensive experience and expertise behind them, are not actively looking for work and are often not ready to consider offers. Therefore, employers rely on well-trained candidates, even without a lot of work experience. Employers are even willing to teach employees new skills. So the ability to learn is one of the key advantages in employing. Graduates and novice professionals with this skill have every chance to get a beneficial job offer. ”

Engineers from the sphere of transport, cargo transportation, metallurgical industry, extraction and processing of oil and natural gas, receive the highest salary at the start. Let us take representatives of the unique specialty for Kazakhstan financial analytics; their salary reaches $ 2,000 a month, the given position makes it possible to become financial department head, and enter the top 10 highly- paid specialists in the world.

The highest salaries in Kazakhstan:


 per month salary

Enterprise Chief Metallurgist 

1 500 000

Engineers for mounting wells in oil and gas production

1 200 000

Drilling engineer

800 000

Department for drilling taskmaster

800 000

Drilling Technician

700 000


starting from 250 000

Kazakhstan's industry is dynamically developing, so all doors are open for graduates of technical specialties. 90% of graduates find a job within a year after graduation. Satbayev University closely collaborates with industry and has 460 contracts with practice-based organizations. 88% of students are employed in enterprises where they were involved in an internship. These are such companies as «Kazptomprom», «KazTransOilGaz», «Kazmunaygas», «Slumberger», «BakerHughes» and other enterprises of world importance. Some Bachelor graduates continue Magistracy studies or receive a second specialty.

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