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Literary evening dedicated to the memory of Abai and M. Lermontov

Literary evening dedicated to the memory of Abai and M. Lermontov

The year 2019 is marked by two anniversaries of great writers - 175 years since the birth of Abai and 205 years since the birth of Mikhail Lermontov. Club "In principio erat verbum" at the Kazakh and Russian languages department of Satbayev University devoted a literary evening "I will stay in the memory of the people" to these significant dates.

In the creative heritage of the great Kazakh poet, brilliant thinker, composer Abai there are talented translations. It is in his translation in the Kazakh language that the poems of many poets sounded. One of the favorite poets of the Kazakh nugget was Mikhail Lermontov. Abai Kunanbaev translated more than 20 poems by Lermontov into Kazakh.

The magic lines of Lermontov's legendary poem "Mountain peaks sleep in the darkness of the night..." became the connecting link of the literary evening, the inspiration for writing these lines was the creation of the German poet I. Goethe "Über Allen Gipfeln". In essence, it is a free translation from German into Russian, which received a new breath in the translation of Abai "Mountain pastry in the dark at night".

This evening at Satbayev University, Abai and Lermontov's poems were performed by students, as well as songs written on their lines. Two brilliant poets who lived at different times talked about love, homeland, sense of life ... Great sons of different peoples, and the themes - one, eternal. This is how people should live so that in centuries a new generation of young people will find inspiration in your work and creativity.

The organizers of the evening were members of the club - 1st-year students Danagul Yesentaeva, Araylym Sarkytbek, Demeu Kayrakti, Karakoz Orynbaeva, kirimbek Khibashev, Daniyar Aldanov under the direction of N. Tankieva.

Литературный вечер, посвящённый памяти Абая и М. Лермонтова

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