Scientific library

Книги библиотека

The Scientific Library of the Satbayev University was founded on September 22, 1934, based on the library of the Semipalatinsk geological college with an initial fond of about 1000 copies. Currently, its collection consists of about 2 million copies of scientific and technical literature, including rare publications on geology and mining by outstanding researchers V. K. Monich, K. G. Voynovsky-Krieger, A.V. Brichkin, scientific works of scientists like K. I. Satpayev, A. Mashani, O. A. Baikonurov and new publications from famous world publishers.

Nowadays the Library of Satbayev University is an information, culture and education center of the University, a source of educational and scientific information for teachers and students. The library’s infrastructure consists of 4 departments. Readers are served in 15 service points: 8 delivery desks and 7 reading rooms. All reading rooms are equipped with modern computer equipment. Currently, the library serves more than 8 thousand readers.

Following the qualification requirements for information support of scientific and educational activities of the University, the library fund is constantly updated with new publications. License agreements are signed annually for subscribing databases of leading publishers, universal and thematic electronic collections of universities in the areas of educational programs and priority topics of scientific projects and innovative developments of the University. The University provides students, faculty and researchers with access to foreign subscription databases and e-books of leading publishers EBSCO, Elsevier, Springer, scientometric databases provided under a national license (WoS, Scopus) and popular digital libraries in the Kazakh and Russian languages.

A great place in the activities of the Scientific library is occupied by the support of scientific research activities of scientists. The library staff provides constant advice to researchers on the use of international databases of scientific citations, working with author profiles, improving academic writing skills, monitoring publication activity, etc. The library conducts pieces of training, webinars, masterclasses and practical sessions on the use of databases, new technologies and services on a systematic basis.

 In 2018, the library introduced an innovative, modern AILS "Megapro", which allowed to automate all production processes of the library: acquisition and book supply of the fund, creation and support of databases, online reader service, etc. Thanks to the new software, the library forms and develops the University's Electronic library, which contains about 15,000 documents. A large array of created resources was transferred to the Republican interuniversity electronic library (RIEL), which made it possible to become a leader among University libraries in terms of the volume of documents transferred.

The Scientific library of the Satbayev University is a methodological center for libraries of technical universities and colleges in Almaty and Almaty region, a member of the Association of libraries of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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