Online Learning

Online study is an actual trend in education that is consistently implemented by such universities as Stanford, Berkley and MIT. Satbayev University keeps up with global trends, accordingly from March 16, 2020 has switched to distance study.

All study materials on university training programs and instructions for using the service are available on Polytech Online. Distance Learning Portal.

Polytech Online accounts and class schedules for the students and teaching staff are automatically created based on data posted on the university’s student study portal. Logins and passwords are the same in all systems.

Alongside with the internal service, the students can use Zoom, as well as Skype, Google-class and Microsoft Teams; Satbayev University provides access to the given apps.

Studying at SU distance-learning faculty allows acquiring the qualification of Bachelor, Master and Doctor anywhere in the world without discontinuing work.

As part of the transition to distance learning, Satbayev University has made changes to the Rules of credit technology for studying at SU, as well as to the rules for assessing student learning and conducting exams.

You can get the full information on university distance learning due to the links below and at Satbayev University Facebook and Instagram social networks.

Other projects of a massive online education


We are open for consultations at the following e-mail addresses:

1) (PolytechOnline and Webinar.Satbayev.University),
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