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дорога в обеспеченное будущее Satbayev University
The National research university of international level
дорога в обеспеченное будущее Satbayev University
A credit system allows you to study according to an individual plan
дорога в обеспеченное будущее Satbayev University
Emphasis is on practical skills, scientific achievements and real experience
дорога в обеспеченное будущее Satbayev University
Possibility to study in Kazakh and English
дорога в обеспеченное будущее Satbayev University
The most demanded professions of the XXI century
дорога в обеспеченное будущее Satbayev University
The opportunity to study at 174 leading foreign universities around the world
дорога в обеспеченное будущее Satbayev University
Assistance in employment at enterprises being the bases of industrial practice
дорога в обеспеченное будущее Satbayev University
Military Institute, preparing reserve lieutenants without leaving university


to Satbayev University
Бакалавриат Satbayev University

Bachelor's program

Annual grants from the rector
More than 2000 state grants annually
Credit system of training
Study in Kazakh, Russian, English languages
Participation in scientific research
Магистратура Satbayev University

Master's Courses

11 educational programs of profile magistracy in the framework
Employment abroad through "double diploma" programs
Annual grants from the rector
Grants with employment at "Kazatomprom" enterprise
Докторантура Satbayev University

Doctoral studies

Active research work
Interaction with foreign partner universities
Two scientific consultants (domestic and foreign ones)

Special programs

For Project Management Specialists

Mathematical Economics
from New School of Economics

Joint Program
"Computer Science and Technology"



18 educational programs


48 educational programs


45 educational programs

Международное сотрудничество

The international cooperation

160 agreements and memoranda of cooperation with
international organizations
24 countries of the world
Cooperation with
97 leading universities of the world

Professional development programs

Development of unique training programs for beginners and professionals at scientific and educational centers with all necessary capabilities and competencies

Practical seminars are held in the field of energy, electrical engineering and automation at "Schneider electric" company being the official academic partner.


Practicing project managers will teach you effective project management for certified PMI programs.


Professional education for workers of the uranium industry at "Kazatomprom" enterprise being the official partner.

Discoveries are the style of our work

Satbayev University is the largest scientific and educational complex in Kazakhstan with a well-developed infrastructure of scientific and innovative research and high-precision production.

The innovative ecosystem created based on the complex, provides the university with a high rate of technological development.

261 funded projects as well as scientific and technical programs

научно-технические программы

Technopolis Polytech Technopark

Технопарк Technopolis Polytech

Fab-Lab Production Laboratory

Производственная лаборатория Fab-Lab

The university offers scientific support to enterprises and assistance in searching funding for research and start-ups.
We offer:

Unique scientific research for legal entities Learn More
Офис контрактных исследований
Assistance in launching high-tech start-ups for scientists Learn More
Офис коммерциализации

Scientific and Technical Library

Научная библиотека

More than 2 million books.

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